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Linaria Translyrics

Eng. Title: Linaria
Jap. Title: リナリア
Ch. Title: 柳穿鱼
Youtube Link: here
Original Eng. Lyrics: here
Original Eng. Lyrics Translator: hokorichan
Original Ch. Lyrics: here
Original Ch. Lyrics Translator: anon
Version: 1.00TL

anata no koto bakariI~ I cannot get you out of my headあなたの事ばかり心中儘想的
zutto kangaete shimauAlways, thinking of nothing but youずっと考えてしまう全都是有關你的事
ima, anata e no omoiAnd now, all my feeling for you in me今、あなたへの想い現在 想將對你的思念
hisoka ni komete utau yoI secretly put into this song for youひそかに込めて歌うよ悄悄地放入歌裡唱出
moshi mo hitotsu negai gaIf only I could have a single wishもしも一つ願いが如果能夠實現
kanau no narabaThat is sure to be realizedかなうのならば一個願望的話
shashin de mita ano umi woJust like in the photos, of us by the sea写真で見たあの海を我想要到照片上的那片海
anata to futari te o tsunagiAnd the way we use to be, with us hand in handあなたと2人手をつなぎ和你一起牽著手
aruite mitaiWalking together again歩いてみたい在那裡走著
hajimete deatta shunkan niHow when we met for the first time, with you near me初めて出合った瞬間に第一次見面時的瞬間起
kokoro ni afureteta atatakai kono kimochiMy heart was overflowing with this gentle feeling of warmth inside me心に溢れてた暖かいこの気持ち從內心湧出的這份溫暖的感覺
eien ni dakishimete itai yoFor eternity, is how long I want to hold you永遠に抱きしめて居たいよ想要就這樣永遠的抱著你
tatoe kanawa nai omoi to shitte itemoAlthough this wish is hopelessly impossible but I already knowたとえかなわない想いと知っていても即使知道 這是無法實現的想法
yasashii uso de iiI want to hear you love me優しい嘘で良い溫柔的謊言也不要緊
suki to itte hoshiiI want you to say you love me好きと言って欲しい想要你說出喜歡我
oboete imasu ka?Can~ you still remember now?覚えていますか?你還記得嗎?
hajimete no oto wa owatta koi no utaHow my first song was a song about the end of a relationship初めての音は終わった恋の詩第一次 結束聲音的那首戀之歌
utai oeta ato “arigatou” toAnd when the song was over, "thank you" you said to me歌い終えたあと「ありがとう」と在歌結束之後 「謝謝」
namida o nugui hohoen de kotaete kuretaAs you wiped the drops of tear off your smiling face when you gave me your reply涙をぬぐい微笑んで答えてくれた你拭去淚水 微笑著回答我
nee oshiete mune no oku ga itai yoCan~ you let me know what to do, it hurts deep inside of meねぇ教えて 胸の奥が痛いよ吶 告訴我 內心深處在痛苦著
amakute setsunai omoi ga afurete iru yoThis sweet and painful sentiment, for you inside, is overflowing through me甘くて切ない想いが溢れているよ那份甜蜜卻又苦悶的思念不斷湧出
wakatteru wakatteru yo demo tometeYes I understood, yes I understood, so can you stop right there解ってる解ってるよ でも止めて我知道 我知道的 但是請停下來
suki to onaji kurai, kanashimi mo tomaranai yoAlmost as much as my love for you, this sadness inside of me also won't stop好きと同じ位、悲しみも止まらないよ但和喜歡相同的 這份悲傷卻無法停止
anata wa watashi no taisetsu na sonzaiYou are always the most precious existence in the world to meあなたは私の 大切な存在你對我來說是 重要的存在
egao de uta wo okuritaiI want to sing this song with a smile for you笑顔で歌を贈りたい我想用微笑送給你這首歌
hisoka ni omoi wo kometeBut secretly, with all my feelings in thereひそかに想いを込めて悄悄地 將對你的思念放進去…

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